The great thing about life, particularly as embodied by sports, is that the lessons are constant — none bigger than the reality that we don’t know anything. Sure, we know objective stuff such as statistics and final scores. But as we sit around and endeavor some vague predictions or notions, it becomes clear that we don’t know anything. That even the people whose jobs it is to know something, often know nothing.

There is no fear greater than the fear of the unknown, and in 2018 we will be plunged in that abyss once more. It does not matter whatever I think of the incoming year, whatever my plans and forecasts are, one thing is as sure as death and taxes and it is the only thing we know. Is that we know nothing. Not the day our government will wake up and realize there are students here in dire need of their allowance or the day our bathrooms will start looking human worthy or the food at the dining hall will be dignified enough for human consumption. Yet in spite of all these grim challenges and in the midst of uncertainty, one thing is in deed certain and is that i will be fine.

It is human to think that the sky is falling when things are not going our way but whether my needs are met or not, whether the problems at the comedor are solved or the allowance is paid or not, just as it was the past year and it will be this year, the sun will still shine, the rain will still come and the sky will not fall. And I will be here on the 31st December celebrating the victories and lamenting the defeats and correcting the faults.

Looking back upon the past year I have seen huge disappointments in class and relationships, missed opportunities and pissed friends off. I have reacted poorly to situations that were not in my favour and shown tons of poor decisions. But in order to move forward  and continue growing, I need to put aside all that and look to the new as it is; devoid of the past  and filled with endless and listless opportunities. Well that is the point of a new year anyway.

There is a sense of pleasure and relief in a new beginning and 2018 gives me that so the good, bad and ugly I welcome. Will 2018 be a bad year, I don’t know and pray that it isn’t so but by faith I know that it will be a great year. The only thing that remains is to answer this question? Am I ready?





“All it takes for evil to triumph is the silence of a few good men” (Haile Selasie), and so we, the National Union of Ghana Students-Cuba (NUGS-Cuba) cannot, should not and will not keep mute in the face of the tragedy going on in Libya, where African brothers are brutalizing and selling other African brothers into slavery, not to talk of the possible plight of the African sisters caught up in this tragedy. Let us reflect for a second or maybe even the whole day, on the fact that what we mostly see in the videos are the men. Have we stopped to ask ourselves, “And what is happening to the ladies”.

After watching the numerous videos of what is happening in Libya, we simply shrug it off and go on with business-as-usual. This apathy must end! It is bewildering how a continent that prides itself with its staunch religious and “God-fearing” inhabitants can sit back as things degenerate in Libya. Let us not forget the Biblical quote with a similar variation in the Hadiths off the Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) that says, “What did you do for your brother, you did not do for me”,

At this juncture, we will like to make special mention of a recent quote by H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana that says, “The current slave auctions of Africans in Libya are not only gross and scandalous abuses of human rights, but are also mockeries of the alleged solidarity of African nations grouped in the African Union(AU), of which Libya is a member.” Let us however be quick to add that while beautiful oratory in and of itself, may be intriguing and even exciting to the mind, it does very little if anything at all to sooth the ragged body and soul.

It is therefore time for all well-meaning Africans -both those resident on the continent and those in the Diaspora alike- to rise and join in the fight against to affront to human dignity. Our ancestors fought, and some died, for us to obtain our political independence so, in the immortal words of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah -Ghana’s first Prime Minister and President- we can show the world that “the African is capable to governing his own affairs”. Let us then ask ourselves, “Is this what the African self-rule is supposed to look like?”

Recently, H. E. Pres. Alpha Conde, Chairman of the AU, extended a hand for cooperation and assistance of the European Union (EU) in combatting this issue. And inasmuch we applaud his efforts to confront this menace, and though we hold no qualms against seeking for cooperation and assistance when necessary, you do not call the very arsonist who sets fire to your house to come and help you put it out. We believe when we come together as a people, as envisaged by our forebears and Founding Fathers of Africa and the Organization for African Unity (OAU), forerunner organization of the AU, we will be able to find an African Solution to this African problem. The AU has over the years sent Peace Keeping Units on missions to all parts of the world to deal with civil wars and other forms of armed conflicts. Let us therefore now use the wealth of experience accumulated over the years to bring an end to this tragedy. Woe betide us, if we fail to bring peace and political and economic stability to Libya, because as the Ghanaian adage goes, “When you see your colleague’s beard on fire, put yours in water.”

Let all voices shout in unison against this affront, let all Africans call upon their leaders (elected and/or otherwise) to act with urgency and let each African leader wholeheartedly and to the very best of his/her ability participate and contribute to the resolution of this unimaginable calamity in Libya. Let us all be reminded that, “As you do unto others, so shall it also be done unto you,”

A luta continua, Victoria ascerta!!!!  We are many, they are few.

Africa Unite! Africa, Arise and Shine!






In the words of James Shirley “men with swords may reap the field and plant fresh laurels where they kill, but early or late, their strong nerves at last must yield and their heads must come to the cold tomb and at this point no amount of glory or state makes any meaning, only the ACTIONS of the people will smell sweat and blossom in the dust”.

CIn this moment and at this fine hour, Cuba and the world at large pauses once more to reflect on the life of DR ERNESTO CHE GUEVARA, his actions as a medical doctor, an internationalist and above all a revolutionary. Che was first trained as a medical doctor with the passion of saving people from the pains and sufferings of diseases. However having come to understand that mankind is not only just a biological being but a social and psychological being as well, Che saw himself more beyond the walls and corridors of hospitals and consulting room, determined not only to alleviate the suffering of mankind from acute and chronic diseases, but also to wipe away the suffering of man from poverty, racism, mental slavery and social injustice. A believe that there can be a better and a more humane world solidarious than ever


. Together with the GOLIATH of the 21th century, Fidel Castro and sharing similar political ideologies, they fought to liberate Cuba from the long regime of dictatorship, racism, poverty, corruption and injustices under the leadership of Batista, making Cuba a classical model and example of a better world—a world of peace,equality,respect for all and  above all  social justice. At the international front Che had always been the voice defending Cuba and weaker countries from the terrors of the super powers. He had been the voice of the voiceless, the protector of the weak and the comforter of the down trodden.

Whiles in Guatemala, DR.ERNESTO CHE GUEVARA in his own words said; “I came to realize one fundamental thing, to be a revolutionary doctor or to be a revolutionario, the first thing you must have is revolution”. Thus being a revolutionary with the determination and zeal for a better world took him to other forgotten parts of the world in Africa and Latin America like Congo and Bolivia. A key player in the 1959 Cuban revolution, Guevara had travelled to the country of Bolivia in the hope of turning it into one of the “many Vietnams” he had called for in his 1966 “Message to the Tricontinental”. Unfortunately, in Bolivia, he met his untimely but humble demise defending this country. To me, to us, to Cuba and to the world we have lost one of our brightest hopes, gone from us forever, but remain unconquered still.

Farouk Iddisah



So the new Ghanaian ambassador to Cuba is in officially and has in a ceremony held at the Palacio de Convenciones PALCO on Thursday 28th September 2017 submitted his credentials to begin his duty. NUGS CUBA bid him welcome


In a short speech delivered to guests present, he appreciated the presence of colleague ambassadors from other African countries and asked them to continually stand in solidarity to Ghana. Also to his embassy staff he implored them to work harder to realize the goals for which they are here.

As noted earlier NUGS CUBA would like to welcome him and also humbly remind him that as the senior most Ghanaian statesman here in Cuba, he should not turn a blind eye to the myriad of gazillion problems and challenges the student bodies face nor take a laid back approach to these problems and to set himself apart from his predecessors by standing up strongly for us. We are the biggest and most important Ghanaian community here on this island and we humbly believe it is in our rights to ask. For purposes of clarity, some of these problems have always included and still include the deplorable state of our living quarters, the availability and quality of food at the comedor, transportation to and from our various faculties and of course the lion himself the regular payment of stipends (which is still unpaid for the 8th consecutive month plus TWO book allowance).

We hope to find a listening ear.